About me

My name is Kamala Klebanova. I was born and raised in Hamburg (Germany) in an Indian-German family. As I grew up, because of my Indian grandfather, my grandmother and my parents I got more and more curious about Indian culture. When I was starting to study Indian languages and culture,  I discovered Odissi in the style of Guru Deba Prasad Das in 2005. I immediately fell in love with this art form. Since my very first class, my main teacher has been Gudrun Märtins, a breath taking and accomplished Odissi dancer. Since 2007 I have been also taking classes from Sangeeta Dash (in Pondicherry, India), one of the most distinguished and recognised female dancers in this Odissi lineage. In addition to this, I have attended numerous workshops and masterclasses in Odissi.

Furthermore I´m holding the Basic Certificate as a dance teacher from the German Institute for Dance Education (DiT e.V.). I´ve taught Odissi to school students and adults in Germany. Since 2008 I´ve performed at several occasions and festivals in Germany and India.

Aside from the dance, I´m holding a German Teachers Degree for High Schools. As a member of the "Research Group of Introvision" (for mental and emotional Self-Regulation) at the University of Hamburg I´m presently working on my PhD-Project. In this project, I investigate the effect of Introvision (according to Wagner) on stress and learning. Since 2011, I provide trainings in Self-regulation and Introvision in Germany and India.