About me

In 2005, Kamala Klebanova started to learn Odissi in the lineage of Guru Deba Prasad Das from Gudrun Märtins (in Hamburg, Germany) and since 2007 also from Guru Smt. Sangeeta Dash (in Pondicherry, India). Kamala is holding the Basic Certificate as a dance teacher from the German Institute for Dance Education. From 2017 to 2021, she lived in Japan and performed at several events and festivals in Kyoto. In January 2022, Kamala moved to Austria. Presently, she's teaching Odissi to her students in Kyoto and Vienna online.

Beside of her dance, Kamala holds an High School Teachers Degree and is a member of the "Research Group of Introvision and Mental Self-Regulation" at the University of Hamburg. In her PhD-Project she investigates the interplay of emotions, cognitions and physical events.