Introvision is a scientifically evaluated technique of mental Self-Regulation (elaborated by Angelika C. Wagner at the University of Hamburg, Germany). After one has learned the basic principles of Introvision there are four exercises that will lead to the sustainable resolution of inner conflicts.

The relaxing effect of basic principles of Introvision (the non-interfering observation of perception) can be explained by the findings of the Swiss study. According to Herwig et al. (2010) it has an relaxing effect within 11 seconds to observe ones own body sensations.

In a 40-year-old history of research several applications of Introvision could achieve resounding success in treating performance anxiety, chronic neck pain or blockades in daily routine.

Odissi Dance aims a wide connectivity and coordination between every little part of the body to act out the complex movements its technique. Combined with the traditional Odissi Dance training, the perception exercises help to develop the required accessibility of the tiniest parts of the body.

Self-Control can come along with manipulating ones own thoughts, emotions and behavior for a certain purpose by control or willpower. That enhances the stress level. On the contrary, Introvision helps to understand how to regulate ones own mind activity as well as emotional and physical reactions in an healthy and sustainable way.