Odissi Performance: Open Day 2018 at Kokoka, International Community House Kyoto


When: Saturday, November 3rd 2018, 14:05 - 14:40 (sharp)

Where: Kokoka International Community House, Kyoto

〒606-8536 京都市左京区粟田口鳥居町2番地の1


On November 3rd, the International Community House Kyoto (also known as Kokoka) invites everybody to its Open Day 2018! As a part of the rich program of cultural diversity Kamala Klebanova and her students present an excerpt of a traditional Odissi dance program. Please feel warmheartedly invited to see the work of first-year-Odissi-Training with Kamala Klebanova and her students in Kyoto.

 As this Odissi performance will be a premier for the students, the performance will also show the very basic elements of Odissi Dance at first. 

The following item will be a story-telling dance depicting nine emotional states in human lives (referring to the Indian Sanskrit epic/ poem Ramayana, which is about the life of the prince Rama):

Power => In contrast to ordinary arrogant men, Rama shows his unique and heroic power.

Sorrow => Rama is searching for Sita everywhere in the forest. Finally, he comes across his friend Jatayu, who is seriously injured. Jatayu tells Rama that the demon-king Ravana has kidnapped Sita. After conveying this message, Jatayu dies in the arms of the distressed Rama.

Astonishment => Hanuman, the monkey-chief, and his army of monkeys want to help Rama to rescue Sita from the island Sri Lanka, where she is kept by the demon Ravana. Trying to build a bridge of stones, they can not believe what they see, when the rocks miraculously start floating on the water.

Laughter => The people in Rama's hometown laugh, because they are relieved from the terror put up by the demoness Shurpanaka, whose long nose is cut off.

Fear => Rama, who is looking for revenge, appears in Ravana's dreams, which become nightmares. Ravana is terrified, because he sees Rama everywhere, even in his own fingernails.

Disgust => At the end of the great combat against Ravana, the battlefield is covered with corpses. Rama is disgusted as he sees jackals and coyotes, who relish the leftovers of human bodies.

Anger => Rama is overwhelmed by the anger for what Ravana did to his beloved Sita.

Inner Peace => At the moment, when people realize the divine game behind all these stories, they experience peace and start to pray.

 The third dance is a ritual dance to finally bring spiritual release to the audience as well as to the dancer. With fast sequences of movements and turns one can sink into deeper experience of consciousness (please see the program below for more information).