Performance & Special Talk at Studio BiNDU, Kyoto


On this New Year Event Kamala will give an extraordinary introduction to Odissi, the Classical Dance from East India. She will talk about the traditional roots of this dance and about the present form in which it is performed today. After this, Kamala will perform a choreography based on one of the most popular Hindu poems, the Dashavatara out of the Gitagovinda from Jayadeva. 

Mirroring life's evolution on earth, the ten incarnations are reflecting evolutionary milestones from life as a fish, to reptiles, mammals and human creatures to a person of noble rank. The last Avatar, according to the myth, has not yet appeared. 






When:     January 8th 2018, 2:30 - 3:30 pm 

Where:    Studio BiNDU, Kyoto  

                606-8335, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Okazakiten'no-cho, 76-11

Fees:       (tea & performance incl.)

                1.500 ¥ for Adults 

                  500 ¥ for kids (3-10 years)

                  free     for participants of Samkalpa, Suryamala

                 1,500 yen / 500yen  (3歳以上 小学生以下)

                 Samkalpa, Suryamalaご参加の方は無料,スタジオからのお年玉です。