Workshop: Odissi Choreography 2, Kyoto


This Workshop is a continuation of the first Choreography Workshop last month. It is explicitly for beginners or Odissi students with basic knowledge. You will learn about the first steps of a Choreography in the classical dance style of the east coast of India, called Odissi. There will be following workshops to continue on learning this choreography.

The choreography of the dance you can proceed in this workshop, is an introductory to the basics of Odissi dance. Next to various combinations of Chowka and Tribhanga in the beginning, the choreography portrays important details of the dancer's costume: e.g. the beautiful necklace, the sari the Gungurus (bells, which are worn on the ankles), the flowers in the dancer's hair and the make-up. Further more it depicts the instruments, which are played for Odissi Dance: the Vina (indian string instrument with two big resonating bodies made from pumpkins, see picture below), the cymbals, the flute and the drum.

When:       Saturday, June 23rd 2018 ( 11 am - 2 pm )

Where:      Ikiiki Center, near Demachiyanagi Station

                  〒606-8201 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Sakyō-ku, Tanaka Genkyōchō,

                  京都府京都市左京区田中玄京町149 京都市養正保育所

Fees:         3,000 ¥ p./P.